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German-born artist Gabby Wormann uses painstaking care to combine the delicate bodies of animals such as tarantulas, crabs and winged insects with intricate clockwork mechanisms to create beautiful creatures which she calls MeCre, or mechanical creatures.

"Wormann is interested in humanity’s intervention into complex biological systems, and her work postulates the hybrid forms’ role in the future. To the artist, they symbolize a synthesis between biomass and mechanics that will become part of our evolution. These creatures are more resistant, efficient, and technically optimized for a world where we are focused on continually improving at all costs."

Visit Gabby Wormann’s wesbite to check out more of her remarkable MeCre creations.

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Samuel Cirnansck S/S 2015

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Rosefica, Tarin - Little Things


Behind several side streets, around a bend in the road, and situated at the top of the street lay Rosefica’s shop on Glittering Heart Way in the Bazaar’s quarter.

The Riverglint Compounds Shop was well lit at this hour, atypical enough. It was a warm-looking shop. The wide windows had their pale green curtains tied back, and Rosefica could be seen inside, sitting at a desk with a quill. Writing in both her tome and her ledgers, measuring out a dry medicine into a vial. Her dark hair was pulled away from her face, held in place by a deep blue ribbon, hard to see in her hair. She was not dressed in navy and silver, as was traditional. Instead, she was a dark red dress with a modest, square neck and tight sleeves slashed to reveal the gold under-dress.

Occasionally as she waited, she kicked her small feet, clad in black heels, in time to some song.

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I’m thinking people may need some gifs of this scene. So.

P/S: Notice how his eyebrow shot up in the 3rd gif when Brigitte kissed him on his neck? I’m thinking weak spot. You’re welcome.

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Me when I was 9 years old and my little brother Jake (also 9 years old) at Los Angeles Equestrian Center Opener last weekend. So proud of him for winning Reserve Champion in the WTC Xrails Division. Our pony Hillary has been there for both of us.

PAVONI Couture Fall/Winter 2013

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game of costumes: part 3

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