It’s always about, somehow, finding a part of myself that is relevant, and then turning the volume up on that particular part. So, I am all of the characters I’ve ever played, and I am none of them at the same time.” — Tom Hiddleston


these are probably the most adorable gifs i’ve seen so far *_*


Miklos had been careful this time; he hadn’t gone into the field in $1500 Tom Ford’s. All the same he was still sharply dressed, perhaps still inappropriately for his task given the steady stream of rain falling outside the warehouse. The storm had only gotten worse as the day crept onward toward night, rain-bloated clouds gathering thick above the city. The leather duster thrown on over his suit jacket kept most of the rain off, but it was soaked into his hair which he slicked back out of his face.

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Florentina- Mare by Vivaldi x Rubels

Charlotte Dujardin’s new mare



Displayed in the Saint-Étienne church in France is the figure of René de Chalon, Prince of Orange. The prince died at the young age of 25 during the siege of Saint-Dizier in 1544.

Rather then memorialize him in the standard hero form, his wife requested (or René himself requested, or possibly both) that he be shown as “not a standard figure but a life-size skeleton with strips of dried skin flapping over a hollow carcass, whose right hand clutches at the empty rib cage while the left hand holds high his heart in a grand gesture.” (Source)

little-ojousama asked: Traejan: 42, 28, 32 Arvalin: 31, 8, 20, Miklos: 1, 8, 4, 43

42. Have you ever thought about someone in an inappropriate way? Give an example!

Traejan: … Yes? Though what exactly qualifies as inappropriate? As in.. ‘this is a place of business and I shouldn’t be thinking about that now’? Or-.. actually I think any way you spin it the answer is yes. There’s a lot of examples to choose from, but in the interest of time I’ll just say that sometimes my work takes longer because of certain distractions.

28. Besides family, who in this world are you closest to?

Traejan: I could have said Vittani but I’ve long considered her family so the next person after that would have to be Rosefica. She knows how to entertain properly at this point and has very good liquor on hand at any given time and I can really appreciate that.

32. Is it possible that two people who are attracted to each other can be “just friends”?

Traejan: In my experience..? No. Not if “just friends” means “we’re not having sex”, which is what I assume you mean given the emphasis.

31. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Arvalin: I.. kind of do? I know you can definitely look at someone and get an immediate feeling from them that’s more than a physical sort of attraction, I guess? Like a pull toward them where you want to get to know that person because you think you could have something there. It’s hard to explain but considering we live in a world where spells can do all kinds of crazy things I don’t think it’s really so far-fetched to think that could happen.

8. Who makes the first move, usually you or do you leave it to the other?

Arvalin: Uh.. definitely the other person. I’m just not really.. ah.. good at that kind of thing. I wish I was but I’m always worried I’m going to make things awkward and ruin it..

20. Is honesty important in relationships? Or do you think sometimes lying is okay? Where do you draw the line?

Arvalin: I think honest is important. Why would anyone want a relationship built on a foundation of lies? It’s just going to come out later and everyone’s going to get hurt. Though in saying that, I don’t think a few little white lies ever hurt anyone. You know like.. if someone asks your opinion on like a dress or something and you’re really not sure which dress is the better dress because you think they’re both pretty on the person (probably because the person’s just pretty and you’re not even looking at the dress) but you lie and say one’s better than the other? I think that’s okay. It’s harmless. And that was an example I’ve never done it..

1. Who was your first crush?

Miklos: A person I knew back home many years ago when I was younger. A name and details will make the fact that it happened no more fascinating, I assure you. Kid stuff.

8. Who makes the first move, usually you or do you leave it to the other?

Miklos: I prefer to make the first move. It’s better for everyone involved. Which is to say that I’m not sorry for anyone that overstepped and ended up shocked (and I mean literally).

4. What’s one quality you look for when choosing romances?

Miklos: I don’t really have time for ‘romances’, so I have no checklist of desirable personality traits like intelligence and compassion and a sense of humour. Looks are really all that matters if there’s a good chance we won’t see each other again.

43. What impression do you try to give people when they meet you?

Miklos: Depends on the circumstances of the meeting. What is the intended outcome? But In general I make it a point to appear respectable, neat, and professional. Also that I do not like wasting time. Weapons may or may not be involved depending on the situation. Take what you will from that.

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Or you can look below the cut and send a number of your choosing that you would like answered. 

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